While very few citizens fell ill in the Cayman Islands from COVID compared to the rest of the world, the devastation can be felt in the economic fallout through the loss of the Cayman Islands Tourism Industry, which accounts for over 70% of the Country’s GDP. Borders were shut, and the Country locked down to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID, and we thankfully were successful in doing that. We now can enjoy the freedom of living in our piece of paradise; however, it comes at a cost. The food and beverage industry lost over 2 million visiting mouths to feed overnight with the lockdown. Our resilient Islands have been quick to support local tourism businesses amid this financial disaster, from booking staycations at condos and hotels to dive trips. 


The food and beverage industry has been active in the true entrepreneurial spirit in creating memorable events and experiences, providing the local market with opportunities to sample the many culinary gems that have earned the Cayman Islands the title of “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.” 


Frederico Destro of Bacaro has been one of these trailblazers leading the way for the food and beverage industry and created an event that allows Cayman Foodie’s an opportunity to get to know some of the Islands best chefs through an experiential series that highlights each of the Chef’s and their businesses. Progressive Distributors Ltd. was eager to partner and support this event series to generate business for these Chefs. So, Bacaro was transformed into 12 Chef Stations where two featured dishes were served to event attendees who enjoy a total of 24 bite-size portions, unlimited drinks, and live music; if it sounds like a recipe for happiness and a goodnight; it surely was. 


If you have not yet experienced dining at Bacaro you are missing out. Located in the beautiful Cayman Islands Yatch Club together with fresh, local ingredients, classic Venetian flavours and of course - a little modern innovation, Bacaro ensure that everyone will find something they love.


To learn more about Chef Federico Destro check out our "Chefs That Inspire" video featuring his culinary journey.



The first event of the “Chef’s Stories” series had the Chef’s prepare dishes that took them back in time to their childhood. Many of the Chefs offered an elevated element to their favourite childhood dishes, showing off their refined culinary skills and talent. The comfort foods of their childhood were carefully curated, created and dished out with an anecdotal story or two about the small village they came from, or a tale about their mother, or perhaps their favourite Sunday meal. The Chef’s served from the heart, and everything was cooked with love, from Chef Roman Kleinrath’s Spaetzle to Chef Maureen Cubbon’s Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese to Chef Eliot Wilkie ‘homemade Twix Bars.’





With the success of the first event, the series continued with a second instalment of “Chef’s Stories”, which took place on February 27th, 2021, with another lineup of 12 amazing chefs. Each Chef shared a piece of their story from their ‘first day at work.’ Whether they chose a dish from their first restaurant gig or used the ingredients they oversaw prepping at their first job; the nostalgia was in the air as they dished up more delicious morsels to pair with the amazing cocktails on hand served by the Bacaro Bartenders. Chef John Herzog of Agua Restaurant featured thinly sliced pork and Chef Joe Hughes from The Bird did a picture-perfect pea-inspired canapé. Chef Dwayne Brady of Arbutus made melt in your mouth Cayman Style Beef with Potato Salad and Plantain, while Chef Paul Furze dished up flavour filled Tuna Tartare. The evening was sponsored by Progressive Distributors Ltd., Fantinel and Kendall-Jackson wines. 


If you haven’t had a chance to attend the “Chef’s Stories” events, fear not, as Episode III is right around the corner, taking place at Bacaro on Saturday, May 22nd, 2021. This instalment will feature dishes inspired by an ‘Epic Culinary Fail’ in the career life of the 12 participating chefs and show how they recovered from it. It should be another incredible night of delicious food, drinks and many funny stories exchanged from these legendary local Chef’s. We cannot wait to hear about them and hope you will join us. Get your tickets in advance on before it sells out (advance booking is required).





Federico Destro (Bacaro)
Jon Herzog (Agua)
Adriano Usini (Le Vele)
Luca Cocchieri (Luca)
Paul Furze (Calypso Grill)
Maureen Cubbon (Bestlife)
Roman Kleinrath (Dining at Home Catering)
Dylan Benoit (Carnivore and Prime Private Catering)
Joe Hughes (Restaurant at The Grove)
Nicky Hull-Saldanha (Outpost/Capt Ceviche)
Stefano Franceschi (Gelato & Co.)
Alex Mengeon (Pappagallo)
Eliot Wilkie (Chef Eliot Catering)


To learn more about each of the participating chef's


When you eat food with your family and friends, it always tastes better!