Christmas 2020


To say 2020 has been a rocky year for all is an understatement. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected most people across the world in some way or another. In Cayman, we’ve been fortunate to have had very few severe cases comparing to the rest of the world, while the collapse of our tourism industry has caused hardship for many. If this year has taught us anything, it is to count our blessings. This Christmas may not be the one we initially planned, but it does not mean it can’t be memorable. We’ve come up with a list of delicious items to help make your Christmas feast extra special.  



What better way than starting your Christmas morning off with a decadent French toast? Bakerly recently launched a line of French-style brioche bread free from preservatives or artificial flavors, made with real butter and eggs with flavor and texture worthy of a Christmas feast.

Simply dip the sliced bread in a seasoned raw egg mixture and pan-fry until the bread is toasty. To take it up a notch, add eggnog to the egg mixture, which will bring all the delicious Christmas spices to your Christmas kitchen.





Champagne, the universal drink of celebration, was accidentally created by a French monk, Dom Perignon, and later became a symbol of celebration set by Europe’s royal courts back in 1789.

Today it’s customary to use champagne, prosecco, cava, or sparkling wine as the perfect drink to make a toast on special occasions, like Christmas. 

Many people prefer to stay clear of alcohol, which doesn’t mean they need to be excluded from any celebration. Welch’s Sparkling grape juice cocktails offer a delicious variety of non-alcoholic options for those looking for an alternative.





Cheese platters are a great addition to any party and can be as extravagant as you want them to be. 

A simple brie with some water crackers is divine, while a beautifully plated cheese platter combined with fresh & dried fruits and charcuterie are guaranteed to create the 'wow factor' and set the tone for your party. 

If you're wondering which cheeses to add to your platter, have a look at this guide to help you select the cheeses best suited for your party. 

Fruit and nuts make a wonderful addition to any platter. Be sure to pair the cheeses with enough crackers, and remember the toothpicks!






Panettone (pronounced: [panetˈtoːne]) is a sweet Italian bread made initially in Milan, usually prepared, and enjoyed over Christmas and New Year across Europe and many South American parts. 

Traditionally made with citrus and raisins, recipes have evolved to include fruits, chocolate, and a variety of delicious cream fillings.

Panettone makes for the perfect dessert and can be enjoyed as-is, slightly heated, or used to create a magical dessert, like panettone trifle or bread & butter pudding.






If you are ever going to indulge in delicious (and too much) food, Christmas is the one occasion of the year to do so.

A drizzle of melted white or dark chocolate is a great way to glam up any dessert. To get the perfect drizzle consistency, add a small splash of heated heavy cream to your melted chocolate and mix gently. 

After dessert, spoil yourself and your guests with some chocolates with coffee. Dark chocolate goes well with black coffee and is excellent after an indulgent feast. If you prefer white chocolate, Hershey’s has a delicious bar of white chocolate with whole almonds – perfect for any chocolate lover.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

– Edward Pola