While traveling is not exactly on most people’s must-do lists right now, some will still find themselves with the need to travel, and consequently, the likely requirement to quarantine on arrival to their destination. When writing this post, all inbound travelers to the Cayman Islands were required to remain in isolation for 14 days, followed by a compulsory negative COVID test result on the 15th day to allow for release. 

So, what to do when you find yourself forced to quarantine? We’ve put together our 20 most useful tips for keeping busy during those long lockdown days. Whether you’re isolated on your own or have a family member or 3 stuck in there together, you’re bound to come across at least a few suggestions that should be able to keep you entertained.

1. Build a puzzle 

Puzzles are one of those age-old boredom solutions. Building a mystery can be one of the best activities to keep you occupied and an excellent idea for family members to do together. 

2. Get creative

Are you a gifted artist when it comes to painting, crafting, or writing? Why not use this precious time to draw a self-portrait or start working on that blog or novel you’ve been dreaming of writing. Alternatively, move away from your typical creative comfort zone and watch an online tutorial about a unique technique like tie-dye – it’s become a popular hobby during COVID! 

3. Reach out to family and friends

Who have you been wanting to call but can never find the time? Perhaps you’ve got a family member that enjoys reading long emails or receiving handwritten letters? A heartfelt attempt to catch up with loved ones can also help keep you mentally healthy on those more extended than usual days. It doesn’t need to be a video call.

4. YouTube Tutorials

Why not acquire a new skill while you’ve got some time on your hands! Maybe there’s a DIY project you’ve meant to master, or you’re interested in something like calligraphy. YouTube offers an endless source of useful how-to videos. You can even find free online photography courses; the possibilities are limitless.

5. Online streaming service providers 

While you can spend the next 2 weeks just lying in bed binge-watching streamed episodes of your favorite series, why not dive a little deeper into some documentaries? From unsolved crimes and nature docs to more out of the ordinary but uplifting options like Tony Robbins,’ I Am Not Your Guru – you’re sure to find something fascinating. 

6. Start a Pinterest Board 

Pinterest can be useful for many things, mostly recipes and how-to guides. But why not create a Pinterest board for a goal that you’ve been putting off to the side. If you’re planning on redecorating, putting inspirational images together in one place could motivate you to launch your project sooner. Start building your dream home room by room. Pinterest can also be a useful tool if you’re into vision boards or just dreaming about your next travel destination .

7. Document your experience

Post daily stories to your Instagram account about life in lockdown or start a vlog. You may be surprised to find how many people are interested to see what your experience looks like. Quarantine-themed TikToks can prove hilarious to both you and your followers.

8. At-home exercise

Sometimes you just need a boost of endorphins to get into a better mood. When the days feel like they’re dragging a little longer, try out an online exercise video in a style that you would most prefer. For some, this could be Zumba, maybe it’s kickboxing, or it could be a style of exercise that is a little less cardio-intensive like Pilates or Yoga. Simply getting your heart rate up should put you into a more positive mindset to tackle the next few days ahead. 

9. Boost your career 

Is there a skill that you've meant to learn that could prove invaluable to your current career path? Try an online course. Online learning and teaching marketplaces like offer up to date courses in almost any field of your choice. Maybe you've been interested in graphic design, or coding has been something you want to master. Now would be a great time to expand your skillset.

10. Review your wardrobe

When last did you do a thorough assessment of your clothes? Could it be time to get rid of some pieces of tired underwear, worn-out shirts, or old trainers? There's no better time than the present to try everything on and get rid of the things that don't work anymore. Inspirational closet organizers like Marie Kondo can also help teach you how to defeat clutter and discover what sparks joy in your life.

11. Treat yourself

There has never been a better time to put a face mask on and take long relaxing bubble baths. Bring the spa to you. 

12. Self-reflect

Take time to think about and write down what you have accomplished in the last year and what goals you’d like to set for yourself in the next year. Being clear on what you want to achieve in life (short term or long term) will help you put small steps in place every day to reach that goal.

13. Learn about nutrition

Taking control of your health and nutrition can start in quarantine. Downloading an app like MyFitnessPal that helps you log meals, count calories, track nutrients, and even scan barcodes for nutritional facts could all be useful tools to get more insight into your diet. It's similar to getting a health coach, but at home and on your phone. 

14. Clear the clutter

Have you been meaning to unsubscribe to half of the emails in your inbox but never get around to doing it? Well, now is the time to clean up your digital folders. Delete things off your phone, clear your inbox and unsubscribe from all those junk emails. 

15. Watch films that have won best picture

Hollywood gives you a list of movies where you can't go wrong, thanks to votes from experts and the wider general public. Oscar for Best Picture is one of the most prestigious awards that a film can win, and an easy google search should provide you a list of the most recent winners. 

16. Learn a new language

There are multiple useful apps to assist you with your dream to learn French or Italian; whatever the foreign language may be – try apps like Duolingo to get you started. 

17. Meditate 

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or you've never considered meditation before, this is a good time to calm your thoughts and focus on your breath. Sit comfortably in a quiet area and only focus on your breathing for at least 10 minutes. There are plenty of guided meditations available online if you need assistance and helpful apps like Headspace and Calm, which are excellent for beginners. Calming mind chatter could help if you're experiencing any isolation related anxieties. 

18. Get into cooking

Get adventurous in the kitchen and try to recreate one of your favorite restaurant dishes. Cooking or baking can be very therapeutic and will help the time pass by quicker. Plus (if nothing gets burnt), you'll have a delicious smelling space for the next few hours. 

19. Sleep

If you're alone in quarantine, there's no better opportunity to catch up on your sleep. Switch off your phone, check that the room is as dark as possible, free from any distractive sounds, and turn the AC way down. Restorative sleep has numerous health benefits, and a good, consistent 8 hours per night can make a significant difference in your quality of life.

20. Try out Airbnb Online Experiences

Have you heard about this? Airbnb now offers live, interactive experiences across the world, all from the comfort of your home. “Experiences” are activities designed and led by inspiring locals. They go beyond typical tours or classes by immersing guests in a host's unique world. Whatever your interest, browse the experiences available, and you should come across something that sparks your curiosity. Take a tour, learn from someone with a fascinating story to tell, sign up for a cooking class, or even participate in a virtual home scavenger hunt game.