Tumbling Your Meat


Traditionally, the marinating of meat consists of submerging or soaking in the marinade and letting the ingredients diffuse into the meat with time. This method requires a long time, usually a few hours up to a few days depending on the marinade and your end goal. When using the traditional form of marinating, the proper distribution of the seasoning ingredients is not possible. 

Newer marinating methods have now been created to avoid these restrictions; one of these methods is the tumbler. Tumbling is a physical process that involves meat rotating, falling and contacting with metal walls and paddles in a large steel drum.This process provides a transfer  of kinetic energy to extract protein that forms a binding agent for muscle fibers. The functions of tumbling are to improve yield, increase tenderness  and cohesiveness and gain faster and more uniform ingredient distribution in the meat.

The process of tumbling the meat allows for a more unique, dense, and cohesive flavor to be injected into your meat in a speedy amount of time. This method is changing the taste of meat as we know it.


Vacuum tumblers operate in the same fashion as the drum of a washing machine would. Instead of water, laundry detergent, and dirty socks splashing around, vacuum tumblers slowly spin raw meat, spices, sauces, and other ingredients in an oxygen-free environment.

Some of the benefits of using a tumbler compared to traditional methods of marinating consist of:

1. Maximize marinade 
The absence of oxygen forces as much marinade into the meat as possible. Not only do the ingredients penetrate well below the surface, but with such high utilization, users take advantage of every last drop of marinade. No component goes to waste – it all goes right into flavor. Furthermore, businesses have the freedom to spend what they need on marinade supplies, no more, no less.

2. Shorter preparation time
Marination without a vacuum takes time, which means a more drawn-out planning period. Vacuum tumblers reduce marination time to as little as 10 minutes, so prepared foods departments turn out flavorful products in a fraction of the time, avoid wasting goods, and optimize labor.

3. Higher water holding capacity
Meat is primarily water. In the airless chamber of a vacuum tumbler, the meat retains its water holding.

4. Tenderize and marinate at the same time
A study published in the Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences proved this to be valid with pork chops. Continuous vacuum tumbling treatment “was more effective in increasing the pH, WHC, product yield, and further improving the physical characteristics and sensory qualities of pork chops” than intermittent vacuum tumbling and conventional static marination. In the end, higher WHC means more excellent value on ingredient investment, higher profits, and a juicier, better-looking, and better-tasting product.




"Vacuum Tumblers remove air from the barrel, and pull moisture and marinade to the food's core.

The tumbling motion flips marinade continuously onto food, massaging it into the meat to produce moist, flavorful product every time".




At PDL, we have our in-house meat tumbler. Therefore we can offer custom marinades and seasoning blends to our clients for their meat selections.

Having unique, custom marinades­­­­ tumbled with your meat allows you to have flavors that no one else has on the island. Besides your meat being more flavorful, it is more tender and retains its natural moisture to keep your meat juicy and robust.

Having the marinades tumbled into your meat will save you time, not only placing the marinades but with the many hours it takes to cure the meats in the product.
You will save money by not wasting marinades that will not saturate the meat as all marinades and seasonings are integrated into the meat in the tumbler.

Are you looking for something unique to offer your clients this holiday season?
Why not create a custom blend to have tumbled into your chickens. The extra flavor will leave your chicken talked about for many seasons to come.

To learn more about our tumbling program and how you can create and enjoy your specialty meat marines and seasonings