Understanding The Company As A Whole


It's crazy for us to think that it's been 17 years since the initial launch of PDL!

We have created many memories over the years and had never assumed that PDL would become the massive company it is today.

2020 has been a truly challenging year, not just for those on Cayman but around the world. When we started this year embarking on the journey of how to represent ourselves as a company both within our walls and within the community, we could never have foreseen what laid ahead. Everything going on in the world made us question if now was the right time to invest, develop and grow the business, but we chose to, and it was the best decision we ever could have made.

In the process of discovering how we wanted to portray ourselves to our clients and our community, we were faced with a situation that removed all blinders and showed us the truth of what matters.

And that, my friends, is how we decided to evolve in the way we did. This website has been a journey of working with all of those that made these 17 years possible. It wan an opportunity to get into our community and see what matters, who we are, and how we want to be involved and make a difference.

Over the last few months, we have been involved in many aspects of our community and our company with a new perspective, and it has reawakened us and ignited us to where we are and where we are headed.

This new website displays not only the products and services we offer but also what matters to our company, the island, and the community that has made this all possible.



Seeing the PDL building at sunrise is a completely different experience. In the morning there is a lot of buzzes, the team starts to come in and get ready for the busy day ahead.

What you would expect to be moments full of silence and sleepy passings is actually full of smiles, laughter, and familiar faces.

The sun comes up right behind the building and a space that looks like nothing but an industrial park in the afternoon becomes a glow of golden light and magical prospects as to what can be in the morning.

We have to admit shooting at sunset in August is not only smiles and glistening light, the mosquitos are crazy, but the team would do anything for the perfect shot. A 10 minute moment shot over the span of hours, no one not wanting to miss a moment.

And then as the has fully risen we look up, the pride in seeing our favorite PDL trucks heading out for the days' deliveries.

"Going around with the trucks and their drivers was inspiring.

Makes you feel so proud to be apart of such a hardworking, kind and driven team."



The team at PDL is very large; the number of departments it takes to allow us to do what we do every day is expansive.

In building the site, there were many, many, many days of filming and shooting and buzzing around with all the departments. The excitement that the leadership and staff members had was so heartwarming. So many people wanted to be involved and were excited for the changes ahead.

In one of our shoots, we needed a team of staff members to come together and stand united. To see the people's diversity was beautiful, a vast group of unique individuals all working together for the same cause. To make a difference and to provide Cayman with our many offerings.

Want to learn about being apart of our family?




We had the honor of working with some really amazing and inspiring chefs. This was a very exciting part of our experience in creating the website.

Being able to connect with the men and women who inspire us every day to do what we do. The ones who create magical dining experiences to remember forever. Their mutual passion for food and the beauty that it can create in our everyday lives was thrilling to be apart of.

Being welcomed into their kitchens to share in their vision, art, and love for food was memorable.

Want to see a little more on these amazing chefs that inspire us and the videos we created with them?




If you didn't know we have our own in-house butcher shop.

If you ever miss being in a colder country just come visit us in the butcher shop. Wrapped in snow jackets and layers and layers of protective gears we ventured in to work with the funniest and most passionate group of men around.

Going into the butcher shop and seeing the extreme pride and dedication our team has really made us realize why we are so lucky and why the meat program is such a success.

We respect this team who freeze themselves to the bone every day in order to make sure we have only the best meat cuts available. We are very grateful for their warm hearts and smiles, because frostbite is real in the butcher shop.

Want to learn more about our Butcher Shop?


"PDL is so vast in its offerings and in the amount of people that it works with everyday.

From pharmacies, to restaurants, to grocery stores and hospitals we were able to connect with so many people in so many different ways."



It was a truly exciting and inspiring couple of months working on all the pieces that it took to make this new site a reality.

We are thrilled to share this new site with you and to continue to grow and expand the site as we develop more and more as a company.

A lot of heartfelt thought has gone into making this site one that can allow us to share with our customers and our local community. To showcase a true representation of who we are, what we offer, and what we stand for.

We hope you love it as much as we do and you continue to come back as we regularly add new information for everyone. 

Being a company that you can trust and rely on is very important to us, excited to continue to grow and be apart of this beautiful community we call home.